Education in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic is a country in Central Africa. Education is compulsory to children ages 6 through 14. The constitution of the Central African Republic provides arrangements for free primary school education. Education system is distributed over primary school, secondary school and tertiary education. The language of instruction is French.

Duration of primary school is 5 years, and then comes middle school. At the end of middle school it is decided whether one should pursue general education or follow an alternate path of vocational education at secondary classes. The duration of secondary school education is 2 years, this makes the basis for enrollment in tertiary education provided through different university departments.

Primary education focuses on teaching practical and general educational skills and is divided into two levels: primary one and primary two. Primary one begins around the age of six and continues for five years. Upon completion of primary one, students are tested to see who will be promoted to primary level two and who will go on in the area of vocational education. Primary level two starts at the age of 11 and continues on for 4 years. Students who satisfactorily complete both primary levels are eligible to enroll for secondary education.

Deserving candidates of the Central African Republic can apply for various scholarships, research grants and study aid programs both in their home country and overseas. Higher education in the Central African Republic is offered through Universities and Institutes of Higher Education.
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